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Other Publications

Below is a list of books published since 1999 some of which are still in print and can be purchased as indicated.

Belfast - An Inclusive City?
Exploring issues of racism and diversity
2005 Irish Association Conference Report - Edited by Roz Goldie
Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research 59pp

Nothing But Trouble: Religion and the Irish Problem
Edited by Dennis Kennedy. The collected papers of the Irish Association's Annual Conference in Armagh, October 2003. Includes contributions from Malachi O'Doherty, David Stevens, Ambrose Macaulay, Steve Bruce, Richard English, Bernadette Hayes, Richard Clarke, Patsy McGarry, Gerladine Smyth 84pp.

Available at £3/€3 incl p&p. Contact

Nationalism and Multiculturalism
Irish Identity, Citizenship and the Peace Process, Andrew Finlay (Ed) (2004) Munster: LIT Verlag. ISBN 3-8258-8161-x 243pp.

(Most of the contributions to this book came from the Annual conference of the Irish Association in 2002)

Forging an Identity: Ireland at the Millennium, the Evolution of a Concept
Edited by Dennis Kennedy 2000. "Ireland at the Millennium: the evolution of a Concept" was discussed at a three day conference of the Irish Association in 1999. This book is based on the papers presented at the conference in Carrickfergus 62pp.

Available at £3/€3 incl p&p. Contact